Guest room and bath


  • Twin bed.
  • Night stand with 2 drawers.
  • Clock radio with alarm.
  • Insulated, room darkening draperies.
  • Private 2-piece bathroom accessible from your room.
  • TV with digital converter and antenna (8 stations)
  • Box fan
  • Portable air conditioner
  • Electric heater
  • Night lights
  • About 10 electric outlets
  • WiFi
  • AM-FM radio, CD player, tape deck
  • Two Mirrors
The top of the stairs to the guest room.

guest room This photo shows the size of the guest room.

Guestbed 3521
This is the bed. It's a 3/4 bed on a full size frame. Hence the 3 gold pillows so you don't fall onto the metal frame in your sleep.

The sitting area with radio, CD player and tape deck.
This photo shows the desk and executive swivel chair, desk map, AM-FM clock radio with alarm. At left is a 13" TV, digital converter and antenna. You get about 8 local stations.

The ensuite toilet (comfort level, elongated, with self-closing lids), and sink vanity. A mirrored medicine chest above the sink. Nightlight overhead, and 3 electric outlets.

Closet with hangers and shelf for clothes.

The shower is in the basement and may look a little primitive but it's clean, good size, and the water is hot. It will be repainted white this week.

The shower head and shower curtain.

There is another toilet and sink next to your shower.

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