Our Policy/FAQ

1. Are there pets in the home?
Yes, two cats: Canada (white) and Serena (tortoise shell)

2. Can I bring my spouse/partner?
Yes,with some conditions, please see rates for couples on our registration form and payment page.

3. Can I bring my cat or dog with me to stay with me?
This is a very small home. If you want to bring one small pet, no bigger than 50 lbs., please advise me, your host, when inquiring or making a reservation. Pets must be in good health, with up-to-date vaccinations, well-trained.

Already-declawed felines are preferred. (Yes, I hate declawing too, but I don't want damaged floors, furniture and cabinetry in this newly completed house.) Please bring with you all pet meds, pet food, pet dishes, toys, litter box, litter, and pet bed. There will be a pet deposit to cover any cleanups and damages. When you walk your dog you must bag the poop right away and place it in a special container outside. A partial, or full, refund of the pet deposit at the end of your stay may be possible if your pet has been very well-behaved. If problems, we may have to isolate your pet from another guest.

4. I write cookbooks. Can I use your kitchen to test my recipes?
Yes. You get to do your own cleanup… or there will be a charge made if cleanup is left to me. While you may use the kitchen utensils and cookware and bakeware, you will need to supply most or all of your ingredients.

5. I'll be in Erie to promote a book and speak to groups. Can I conduct TV interviews in this home?
Yes. Just advise me of days and times so I can keep the house clutter-free and quiet.

6. Do you offer any discounts?
I'm open to discussion for long-term stays.

7. What's your cancellation/refund policy?
If you have to cancel for any reason please try to do so no less than 48 hours in advance. If another guest can take your place for the exact dates I can refund your deposit. If I cannot rebook with another client or guest, you will forfeit your deposit. If Andrea (the host) must cancel, for serious reasons only, your entire deposit will be refunded right away.

8. Can I stay in your guest home if I'm not a writer?
I prefer professional writers (books, newspapers, magazines, blogs), editors, publishers and literary agents because this is a workplace for writers and my business clients. If you're on holiday, or in town to gamble, party, etc., this would not be suitable place for you. I may make exceptions if I have a cancellation and you intend to stay for a full week or more. Send your registration form and I'll see if I can accommodate you. Please understand, preference will be given to writers, authors and other working individuals. Once you are confirmed by me, your host, your reservation is secure.

9. What if I get sick before I'm due to arrive?
If you are sick with contagious flu or bad cold, it would be best for you to stay home and rebook your stay for a later time when you are well.

10. I smoke… is that a problem?
Yes, it is. For health and safety reasons this is a smoke-free environment and guests are not permitted to smoke inside or outside the house.

11. What is the schedule in your home?
There is no schedule. You're on your own.

12. When is Check-in? Check-out?
If possible, please check in no later than 7 PM at night and plan to check out no later than 12 Noon on the day you are scheduled to depart. Beyond Noon you may be charged an additional full- or half-day.

13. Can I extend my stay another week?
This is sometimes a possibility if no other people are booked after you. Same rates apply.

14. I'm really sensitive to noise. What can I expect in your home?
This is a residential neighborhood with the usual sounds: kids playing in the street, garbage truck pickup late Sunday nights, lawnmowers and weed trimmers in the summer, leaf blowers in fall, snow throwers, city street plows in the winter, the occasional pickup truck engine of a neighbor heading to work, or returning. Sometimes you'll hear the neighbors' dogs bark briefly, but they are a good security system for all of us. Rarely will you hear any sirens. If noise bothers you I'll either bribe the neighbors or offer you ear plugs, or both.

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