Come stay at my guest house in Erie Pennsylvania
Opening July 15, 2017

Bitango House opened for business on July 15, 2017.

An affordable home away from home for business guests who come to Erie to work or study. The rates listed are for accommodation only. Stay for 2, 7, 14, 21, or 28 nights.

This 102-year-old bungalow was built in 1915, purchased in 2013 and remodeled in 2014-2017. It's owned by me, Andrea Reynolds, a writer, editor, publisher, and owner of a publishing company, Bitango Books. I sold my Cape Cod style style house across the street on June 9, 2017, and now live and work in this house. The guest room is upstairs on the second floor and has an ensuite sink and toilet, both new. My bedroom, bath, and office are on the main floor.

This house will accommodate
one single guest only. The common areas on the main floor are the living-dining room, a big kitchen, and front sun porch with lots of windows. The guest shower is in the basement with a new sink and new toilet.

Bookings are by the week, fortnight or month… and not all weeks are available for booking. The shortest stay is two nights. When there are no guests in residence I work on finishing the house: painting, adding trim, etc.

Bitango House is not a bed and breakfast for tourists. I tried that in Toronto. Tourists are visitors on vacation and, because I was required to be present for many more hours than I expected, to serve guests who liked the house too much to leave the house early, my own writing and editing work suffered. Also, they often stayed only a night or two which tripled the amount of cleaning, laundry and bed-making required.

I far more enjoy having business guests stay for a week or two, quietly working or studying, because it gives me time to work on my writing and editing, too. I have the added benefit of getting to know fascinating, intelligent people.

My previous bed and breakfast in Toronto closed on Valentine's Day in 1998 after a home invasion. I purchased the domain name Bitango House several years ago as a variation of and recently realized it would work as a guesthouse as well.

Location: Erie Pennsylvania is in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania, at the intersection of Lake Erie and the State of Ohio. It is 90 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio and 90 miles west of Buffalo, New York. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is 125 miles due south on Interstate 79, which is 2 blocks from this home.

Why am I opening my home again?

  • I like having interesting guests stay in my home for short term visits who appreciate that I work full-time as a writer and editor.
  • I like connecting with other business people, who understand the life of a writer, and whose unique needs as writers are understood.
  • By offering my home to guests, I may also get to work face-to-face with clients again.
  • The income I receive from services I provide contributes to the local economy through purchases and taxes.
  • The income I receive from services I provide will also build my currently non-existent retirement fund as I return to writing after almost ten years of adversity.
  • The income derived from my guest services and writing projects is used to improve and enhance my property, thus increasing property values in the neighborhood for the benefit of my neighbors.
  • The income derived from my guest services and writing projects will support me in my later years (since I don't qualify for Social Security) and eventually my savings will fund a foundation to assist new authors in getting their writing published, and possibly scholarships at Kent State University.
  • New guests are welcome to buy a copy of my e-book, The Guest Etiquette Bed and Breakfast Quiz, available on this website.
  • The address is private for the safety, security and sanity of my guests, my neighbors and your host. I will send the address and directions when I have received your reservation and deposit.

Andrea Reynolds is available to provide a scandalously humorous presentation to Bed & Breakfast Associations on B & B promotion or guest etiquette. She will also offer small classes for anyone who wants to open a themed bed and breakfast.

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