Your Host, Andrea Reynolds

For the better part of 30 years Andrea Reynolds promoted experts and authors through her Toronto-based public relations firm. She now publishes how-to books and manuals on creative thinking, marketing your advice, and healthy relationships through her publishing company, Bitango Books.

A member of the
National Writers Union (NWU), and a former member of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), she is a working writer, book editor and book publisher who works at her craft daily, from 9 AM to 9 PM. She owns 10 web sites of her own. Besides English, she speaks a little French and even less Spanish.

Trained as a Home Economist, followed by the credits required for a Marketing and Communications degree, at
Kent State University, Andrea's bed and breakfast apprenticeship involved managing four Toronto bed and breakfast guest homes and a B & B reservation service. As an author herself, she knows that writers, many of whom prefer the privacy of a home over a bustling hotel, need business services as well as a refuge after a day of writing, editing or book promotion. See some of the books by other authors Andrea has worked on.

"Before and after World War II, my grandparents owned a boarding house in Westfield, New Jersey, sometimes managing two houses at a time, for many years. I think I caught the hosting bug from them when I visited as a little girl in the 1950s. And I remember they mixed chilled tea and lemonade together for a refreshing summer drink. This was long before the golfer named it after himself. I think we just called it lemon tea. Perhaps I should I rename it Authors' Tea."

Andrea Reynolds is available to provide a scandalously humorous presentation to Bed & Breakfast Associations on B & B promotion or guest etiquette. She will also offer small classes for anyone who wants to open a themed bed and breakfast.

My business web sites:

1. After 30-plus years as a promoter of authors, consultants, experts and practitioners, I am writing down all my contrarian marketing methods that lead to creating a consulting "empire" based on service, empathy and integrity. This website will promote the book, Advice Empire.

2. This is my public relations consulting site for practitioners and consultants. It also profiles my work as a writer and speaker to professional organizations, corporations, conferences and conventions, colleges and universities, seminars and schools. Feel free to book me to speak or book a consult with me.

3. My new home and writer's retreat. (That's this site.) I'm inviting one writer at a time to be a guest in my home to work on a project for a week or month at a time.

4. This is a publishing company I launched in mid-2012 to publish my deceased mother's novel manuscript, write a book of my deceased father's letters home from World War Two, highlight my own published works and publish new books in the future.

5. My counseling site where I both counsel individuals in crisis, refer them to specialists, and also act as their advocate to those companies and individuals who have bullied, intimidated, swindled, or coerced them.

6. The home of my future book project, where I can report on the book's progress, provide information, and promote it to future readers.

7. I recover money, property, assets, reputation for individuals who have been "overcharged" for shoddy or unfinished work.

8. In the fall of 2017 I will offer small classes for adults on basic life skills you would have learned if you took home economics classes in school.

9. In an attempt to increase profitability amongst other service professionals and practitioners and improve their methods of service delivery, I created this service. With my own money I hire professionals and practitioners and write a blog about how they treated me as their client, patient, guest or member… both good and bad behavior. And I always clearly articulated my intentions, in advance, to the service provider.

10. I'm an activist for empathy, ethics and etiquette. When I have time I'll add more blog posts. Do you like the play on the name?

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