You can stay in my motorhome


It's a small motorhome about the size of an ambulance. See what is inside. (Sorry, you don't get to drive it.)

After reading
an article about a man in NYC who rents out his parked van and taxi as overnight accommodation for guests, I realized I could make good use of my camper van parked in my driveway when I'm not traveling in it.

It's small, but comfy, and unlike his van and taxi, you can stand up in it. It can accommodate one guest (or a small couple) for a night, a week or a month... as long as the motorhome is not in use.

Inside: microwave, heater, 3/4 bed, desk/table, nonworking fridge, access to electric power.

Rates are more affordable than staying in hotels: $50 per night for one person, or two nights for $95, $295 per week or $1200 per month.

Perhaps you're an author, writer, editor or publisher…

Bitango House is reopening July 2017, and is the reincarnation of my previous bed and breakfast in Toronto, closed on Valentine's Day in 1998 after a home invasion. The income I receive from services I provide will also build my currently non-existent retirement fund as I return to writing after several years of adversity. The address is private for the safety, security and sanity of my guests, my neighbors and your host. We will send address and directions when we have received your reservation.

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